Commit 699e56cd authored by agebhard's avatar agebhard

werde glsfit in octave testen

parent 3e71bbfd
#include <oct.h>
DEFUN_DLD(glsfit, args, nargs,
"Do a generalized least squares fit")
Matrix fmat(args(0).matrix_value());
Matrix yvec(args(1).matrix_value());
Matrix cmat(args(2).matrix_value());
int ldf = fmat.rows();
int n = ldf;
int ntrend = fmat.columns();
int ldc = fmat.columns();
Matrix fwork(fmat);
Matrix beta(ntrend,1);
Matrix errbta(1,1);
Matrix dev(n,1);
Matrix errdev(1,1);
Matrix covbta(ntrend,ntrend);
int ldcvbt = covbta.rows();
double sgqsr;
Matrix chlup(cmat);
int ldclup = chlup.rows();
Matrix cminv(cmat);
int ldcinv = cminv.rows();
Matrix cwork(cmat);
int ldcwrk = cwork.rows();
Matrix cwrk2(cmat);
int ldcwk2 = cwrk2.rows();
printf("f dim: %i %i\n",n,ntrend);
octave_value_list retlist;
return *retlist;
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