Commit da3940d7 authored by agebhard's avatar agebhard
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fixes to pass R CMD check version 2.10

parent bff60341
......@@ -120,8 +120,8 @@ dupfun = NULL, ncp)
\bold{22}, 362-371.
\code{\link[base]{contour}}, \code{\link[base]{image}},
\code{\link[base]{approx}}, \code{\link[base]{spline}},
\code{\link[graphics]{contour}}, \code{\link[graphics]{image}},
\code{\link[stats]{approxfun}}, \code{\link[stats]{splinefun}},
\code{\link[base]{outer}}, \code{\link[base]{expand.grid}},
\code{\link{interp}}, \code{\link{aspline}}.
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