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changed robot ids

parent 1186226c
......@@ -49,17 +49,35 @@ CUSTOM_QOS = QoSProfile(
class CameraStream(Node, MissionExecutor):
def __init__(self):
Throughout the code there is an assumption that only hosts with
single-digit ids are going to be used. That was true at the beginning,
but is not true anymore, hence we are remapping names of
hosts with higher ids. Hopefully at some point the code will be
refactored to allow for two-digit ids.
hostname_remapping = {
'fdrones_b01': 'fdrones_b01',
'fdrones_b02': 'fdrones_b02',
'fdrones_b03': 'fdrones_b03',
'fdrones_b08': 'fdrones_b08',
'fdrones_b09': 'fdrones_b09',
'fdrones_b12': 'fdrones_b06',
'fdrones_b13': 'fdrones_b05',
'fdrones_b14': 'fdrones_b04',
self.hosts = {
'fdrones_b01': 0,
'fdrones_b02': 1,
'fdrones_b03': 2,
'fdrones_b05': 3,
'fdrones_b06': 4,
'fdrones_b07': 5,
'fdrones_b04': 3,
'fdrones_b05': 4,
'fdrones_b06': 5,
'fdrones_b08': 6,
'fdrones_b09': 7,
self.hostname = socket.gethostname()
self.hostname = hostname_remapping[socket.gethostname()]
self.publisher = self.create_publisher(
......@@ -213,6 +231,7 @@ class CameraStream(Node, MissionExecutor):
rate_constraint = self.constraints['RATE']
'generated_msgs': self.agent.generated_messages,
'received_msgs': self.agent.received_messages,
'sent_msgs': self.agent.received_messages,
'train_data': rate_constraint.train_data,
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