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# Balboa Low-Level-Controller
# Assembly
The assembling instruction can be found here: [manual](
## Introduction
This Ansible workspace can be used to flash the LLC on the Balboa robot.
In order to do that use the `build` operation of the `project` playbook.
$ cd ansible-playbook
$ ansible-playbook \
-i inventories/fdrones \
--extra-vars "target=b07 proj_name=balboa_llc_aws" \
playbooks/project.yml \
--tags "synchronize,build"
$ ansible-playbook -i inventories/fdrones --extra-vars "target=b07 proj_name=balboa_llc_aws" playbooks/project.yml --tags "synchronize,build"
This command will flash the lastest HEX file, found int `balboa_llc_aws/balboa/BalancerRPi/BalancerRPi.ino.arduino_leonardo.hex`. To create a new HEX file use Arduino IDE and follow the following steps.
## Dont forget
git submodule init
git submodule update
# Compilation and programming
## Setup the Board
The code for Balboa's A-star controller board can be compiled and flashed with
Arduino IDE. The Pololu A-Star Controllers boards' family has to be installed.
Follow Pololu's [5.2. Programming using the Arduino IDE]( to install the A-Start Boards.
Make sure that in the Tools > Board menu, the `Pololu A-Star 32U4` entry is selected!
## Install the Libraries
Morover the following libraries need to be included:
- Balboa32U4
- LSM6
- Adafruit NeoPixel
Moreover the following libraries need to be installed with the Library Manager (Sketch->Include Libraries->Manage Libraries (Ctrl+shift+I)):
- `Balboa32U4` by Pololu
- `LIS3MDL` by Pololu
- `LSM6` by Pololu
- `Adafruit NeoPixel` by Adafruit
## Build the code
Sketch->Verify/Compile (Ctrl+R)
On Linux the desired HEX file can be found on the tmp folder : `/tmp/arduino_build_*****/BalancerRPi.ino.hex"`
To deploy the new binary and flash it on the Balboa copy the new binary into the Ansible workspace
$ cd balboa_llc_aws/balboa/BalancerRPi
$ cp /tmp/arduino_build_125964/BalancerRPi.ino.hex ./BalancerRPi.ino.arduino_leonardo.hex
## Help
### avrdude programmer not responding
[avrdude programmer not responding](
--> solution
To program the A-Star device, you will need to get it into bootloader mode first. One way to do this is
to reset the AVR twice within 750 ms. Most of the boards in our 32U4 family have a reset button that
can be used to reset the board. On any of our 32U4 family of boards, a pushbutton can be connected
between the GND and RST pins to serve as a reset button, or you can use a wire. Once the device is
in bootloader mode, quickly run the command make program to program it. If you wait longer than 8
seconds, the A-Star bootloader will exit and the AVR will go back to running the user program. ```
Details on Arduino IDE for Balboa programming can be found here: [manual](
The assembling instruction for the Balboa robots can be found here: [manual](
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